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  1. Directions hearing

    29 August 2023

  2. Public hearing

    24 October – 2 November 2023

  3. Report submitted

    21 December 2023

    Timing of a decision and release of the report is at the discretion of the Minister.


This Amendment is a combined planning permit application and planning scheme amendment. It aims to facilitate the expansion of the Victoria Gardens site in Richmond by altering the planning controls that apply to the existing Victoria Gardens Centre, Doonside Precinct, River Boulevard Precinct, and Barkers Road Bridge Precinct.

Draft Yarra Planning Scheme Amendment C307yara seeks to:

  • Rezone land known as Land in Title Plans 211146G and 212632R, and Lots 4-9 on Lodged Plan 13552 from Mixed Use Zone (MUZ) to Comprehensive Development Zone, Schedule 1 (CDZ1)
  • Replace Schedule 1 to the Comprehensive Development Zone with a new Schedule (new format) with the height restriction amended over the Doonside Precinct and Lot 9 within River Boulevard Precinct, deletion of the sensitive use buffer, deletion of permit application exemptions for overlays and replacement with exemption from notice requirements from the commensurate overlays
  • Remove Schedule 9 to the Design and Development Overlay
  • Apply the Environmental Audit Overlay to land subject to the ‘sensitive use buffer’ of CDZ1, located within Lot 14 on Plan of Subdivision 427328
  • Apply the Parking Overlay – Schedule 2 (PO2) to the land affected by the Amendment
  • Amend Schedule 1 to Clause 53.01 to exclude the subject land from providing public open space contributions
  • Insert Incorporated Document, ‘Victoria Gardens Comprehensive Development Plan, 2022’ to replace ‘Victoria Gardens – Building Envelope and Precinct Plan and Precinct 3 Plan – Warehouse Area’ and Victoria Gardens Urban Design Guidelines

Draft Planning Permit PA2201662 seeks approval for demolition and construction of a multistorey mixed-use development, the use of the land for a hotel, and a reduction in the standard car parking requirements.

This matter has been referred to the Priority Projects Standing Advisory Committee.

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