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Formally request a panel

A Planning Authority can request a panel through the Amendment Tracking System. The request should:

  • summarise the nature of the proposal
  • identify any applicants or proponents if not the council
  • indicate the number of submissions received
  • identify who the submissions are from – for example, various groups and individuals
  • identify the major issues raised in the submissions
  • confirm the pre-set dates required for the directions hearing and public hearing
  • confirm the estimated number of hearing days that may be required (consider the extent of evidence and number of submissions)

After making the request

The following information should be submitted through the Amendment Tracking System within 3 business days after submitting the Request a panel form:

  • correspondence authorising the amendment to proceed
  • council report resolving to exhibit the amendment
  • the exhibited planning scheme amendment
  • details of notice given to affected parties of any post exhibition changes
  • council report resolving to request a panel
  • submitter, proponent and council contact details, including email addresses, for communication purposes (can be supplied in a spreadsheet)
  • all submissions received, including public agencies, numbered in correlation with the submitter contact list
  • the planning permit application and exhibited permit if applicable
  • a full set of plans
  • any other supporting documents exhibited with the amendment
  • any relevant council officer reports
  • relevant extracts of the Planning Policy Framework and other relevant extracts from the planning scheme – for example, schedules to zones or overlays
  • other relevant strategic material

We will confirm a Planning Panels Victoria contact person at this stage.

Late submissions

Where a late submission is referred to the panel, the contact details spreadsheet that identifies new submitter details and their submission number needs to be updated and resent with the late submission.

Late submissions must be accompanied by a council referral.

Page last updated: 01/07/24