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  1. 1 Spring St and 21–25 Flinders Lane Melbourne Advisory Committee Report

    • Proposal to develop multi-storey commercial office building.
    • Draft Melbourne planning scheme amendment C401melb.
    • Heritage planning permit applications P33300 and P33301.
  2. 36 Kooyongkoot Rd Advisory Committee Report

    • Proposed application of the Heritage Overlay (H0790).
  3. 50 Mackey St North Geelong Advisory Committee Report

    • Development of a multi-level office building.
    • Former power station building.
    • Powerview Pty Ltd proposal.
  4. Apollo Bay Tourism Resort Call-in Panel Report

    • Development of tourist facility.
    • 275 Barham River Road, Apollo Bay.
  5. Bangholme Market Advisory Committee Report

    • Permit number: PLN16/0072
    • Use land for a fresh produce market.
    • Use land for food sterilisation facility.
    • 84 Harwood Road, Bangholme.
  6. Baringhup Solar Farm Permit Call-in Panel Report

    • Permit number: 297/2018
    • Development of solar farm.
    • 137 Baringhup West Road, Baringhup.
  7. Cape Otway Road Australia Development Advisory Committee Report

    • Draft Surf Coast planning scheme amendment C125.
    • High-performance sports training facility.
    • Located in Modewarre.
  8. Central Geelong Framework Plan Advisory Committee Report

    • Review the draft Central Geelong Framework Plan and consider submissions.
    • Draft Geelong planning scheme amendment C431ggee.
  9. Clarinda Recycling Facility Advisory Committee Report

    • Permit number: KP881/07A.
    • Extension of planning permit.
    • Construction and demolition material recycling.
    • 275-315 Kingston Road, Clarinda.

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