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What we do

We independently assess planning proposals by considering submissions, conducting hearings and preparing reports.

We give submitters an opportunity to be heard in an informal, non-judicial manner and give expert advice to the planning authority (usually the local council) or the minister about an amendment and about submissions referred to it.

Final decisions about planning matters are made by the appropriate statutory bodies, or the Minister for Planning.

Panel members overview

Our members include the Chief Panel Member, the Deputy Chief Panel Member and six senior panel members.

Our office is supported by approximately 65 sessional members, of whom eight are senior sessional members.

Our members have expertise in:

  • strategic, statutory and social planning
  • architecture and urban design
  • landscape architecture
  • civil and structural engineering
  • environment and environmental assessment
  • economics and development contributions
  • cultural, built form and aboriginal heritage
  • mediation
  • property development
  • traffic and transport
  • coastal management
  • water/flooding/groundwater
  • waste management and contamination
  • geomorphology and hydrology
  • noise, acoustics and vibration
  • air quality/emissions
  • native vegetation
  • land capability and agriculture
  • regional/rural land use
  • bushfire planning
  • open space/recreation planning
  • and flora and fauna.

Full time panel members

Sessional panel members

Sessional panel members provide a source of expertise on planning, architecture, urban design, engineering, environment and social planning.

They are appointed to a panel as required depending upon the nature and complexity of the proposal being considered.

Membership of the list of sessional panel members is reviewed on a regular basis.

Project and administration team

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