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Different types of panels and committees may be appointed to consider and advise on planning proposals and policies.

A planning panel may be appointed to consider amendments to planning schemes or other matters such as a planning permit referred or called in by the Minister for Planning.

An advisory committee or inquiry may be appointed by the minister to consider specific planning policies in accordance with a specific term of reference.

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A planning panel is administered by Planning Panels Victoria, located in the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Planning scheme amendments

A planning scheme amendment proposes changes to policies, planning controls and/or the zoning of an area.

A planning panel is often appointed to consider submissions made about amendments to planning schemes. It will then make recommendations and advise whether the amendment should proceed.

To view final panel reports for planning scheme amendments you can search for an amendment. Proposals that are the subject of more than one amendment will be listed under each of the relevant amendments.

Permits considered by the Minister for Planning

A panel may be appointed to consider planning permit applications that have been referred to or called in by the minister, or applied for in conjunction with a planning scheme amendment.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

We generally consider planning scheme amendments, while the Planning and Environment division of VCAT reviews decisions, or in some circumstances, the failure of the planning authority to make any decision on a planning permit application.

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Page last updated: 13/10/22