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  1. Directions hearing

    24 August 2023

  2. Public hearing

    18-28 September and 27 October 2023

  3. Report submitted

    27 November 2023

    Timing of a decision and release of the report is at the discretion of the minister


Draft Amendment C245whse to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme aims to facilitate redevelopment of the Box Hill Central North precinct. The Amendment primarily affects the Vicinity Centres Box Hill Central (North) shopping centre and surrounding land. It proposes to:

  • apply a Specific Controls Overlay (SCO) to facilitate development proposed in the Box Hill Central North Masterplan and make the associated changes to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme
  • include the Box Hill Central North Masterplan as an Incorporated Document in the Whitehorse Planning Scheme
  • apply the Road Closure Overlay for the partial closure of Fairbank Lane.

This matter has been referred to the Priority Projects Standing Advisory Committee.

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