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The Government Land Standing Advisory Committee was appointed by the Minister for Planning on 19 July 2015.

The committee is asked to advise the minister on the suitability of changes to planning provisions for land owned or proposed to be owned in future by the Victorian Government.

The committee may also consider proposals to facilitate the delivery of priority projects by the Victorian Government.

Sites are assessed by the Government Land Planning Service and if suitable, are referred in tranches (groups) to the committee for its consideration.

Standing advisory committee members

  • Lester Townsend (Lead Chair)
  • Tim Hellsten (Chair)
  • Lisa Kendal (Chair)
  • Alison McFarlane (Chair)
  • Michael Ballock (Deputy Chair)
  • Elissa Bell (Deputy Chair)
  • Mandy Elliott (Deputy Chair)
  • Annabel Paul (Deputy Chair)
  • Brodie Blades
  • Debra Butcher
  • Geoffrey Carruthers
  • Sally Conway
  • Shannon Davies
  • Noelene Duff
  • Peter Edwards
  • Meredith Gibbs
  • Jonathan Halaliku
  • John Hartigan
  • Elizabeth McIntosh
  • Gabby McMillan
  • Michael Malouf
  • Rachael O'Neill
  • Kate Partenio
  • Cazz Redding
  • John Roney
  • Lynn Sweeney
  • Adam Terrill
  • Jessica Tulloch

Learn more about the members by reading their biographies.

Current referrals

Visit Engage Victoria to view current referrals.


Terms of reference

Member biographies

Completed referrals

View reports for completed referrals at Government Land Planning Service.

More information

For more information about the Government Land Planning Service
Government Land Planning Service
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