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  1. Directions hearing

    8 August 2023

  2. Public hearing

    4-15 September 2023

  3. Report submitted

    11 October 2023

  4. Report released

    13 December 2023


Draft Amendment C269hume proposes to rezone the land from Farming Zone to become a mixture of Industrial 3 Zone and Public Park and Recreation Zone, introduce a Design and Development Overlay Schedule 6, and to amend the planning scheme to make the Minister for Planning the responsible authority for the matters relating to the draft planning permits.

The three draft planning permits are for the use and development of a data centre (PA2302143), use and development of a warehouse, display of signage and reduction in car parking (PA2302140) and the subdivision of land into 34 lots including a stormwater bioretention area, part removal of a drystone wall and removal of native vegetation (PA2302142).

This matter has been referred to the Priority Projects Standing Advisory Committee.

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