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  1. Directions hearing

    14 September 2023

  2. Public hearing

    24 October – 17 November 2023

  3. Report submitted

    14 December 2023

  4. Report released

    22 April 2024


This amendment aims to facilitate the expansion of Cabrini Hospital in Malvern. It is a combined planning scheme amendment and planning permit application under section 96A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Planning Scheme Amendment C333ston applies to land at 177-183 & 185-189 Wattletree Road, 2 & 4 Coonil Crescent, Malvern and part of the Coonil Crescent Road Reserve. All of the affected land apart from the Coonil Crescent Road Reserve is owned by Cabrini Hospital. The planning scheme amendment seeks to rezone all of the affected land to Special Use Zone (Schedule 2) from a mix of Residential Growth Zone (Schedule 2), Neighbourhood Residential Zone (Schedule 2), and General Residential Zone (Schedule 3). It also seeks to apply a Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 6) to the affected land and introduce a Development Plan, which is a master plan for the hospital’s expansion. The proposed Development Plan shows future stages for buildings and works to facilitate the integrated development of the affected land as a hospital.

Planning Permit Application PA2302308 seeks approval for limited buildings and works to begin immediately, expanding the number of operating theatres and recovery areas in the north-western corner of the hospital.

This matter has been referred to the Priority Projects Standing Advisory Committee.

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