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  1. Directions hearing

    9 February 2024

  2. Public hearing

    14 March 2024

  3. Report submitted

    19 April 2024

  4. Report released

    12 April 2024


On 19 January 2024, the Minister for Planning referred an application to amend the planning permit for the Delburn Wind Farm Terminal Station (PA2001065-1) to an independent panel.

The application proposes to change the bushfire risk and mitigation conditions (Conditions 24 – 26).  It also proposes to make various changes to other conditions to improve readability, precision and reduce redundancies.

Planning Permit PA2001065 was issued by the minister on 27 March 2022. The application was considered by an independent Panel, alongside planning permit applications PA2001063, PA2001064 and PA2001066 for the Delburn Wind Farm. Read the Delburn Wind Farm Permit Call-in Panel Report.

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