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  1. Exhibition open

    28 March 2022

  2. Exhibition closed

    13 May 2022

  3. Directions hearing

    17 June 2022

  4. Public hearing

    26 July 2022 - 8 August 2022

  5. Report submitted

    12 October 2022

  6. Report released

    20 November 2023


The Beaufort Bypass Inquiry and Advisory Committee was appointed by the Minister for Planning on 3 April 2022.

The proposed Beaufort Bypass project is 11 kilometres of dual carriageway connecting 2 sections of the Western Highway to east and west of the Beaufort township.

Work will include:

  • half diamond interchanges on either side of the Beaufort township at the eastern and western tie ins to the Western Highway
  • full diamond interchange at Beaufort-Lexton Road
  • one road-over-rail bridge across the Melbourne-Ararat line
  • overpass structures which will bridge across the existing road network
  • culverts and 2 small bridges over waterways
  • 10 watercourse realignments.

The committee is asked to advise the minister on the Environment Effects Statement and draft Pyrenees planning scheme amendment C50pyrn, including:

  • submissions received
  • potential environmental effects
  • measures to avoid, mitigate or manage the environmental effects
  • conditions, controls and requirements that could form part of approval.

Inquiry and advisory committee members

The IAC comprises of the following members:


To read documents about the Environment Effects Statement for this project, see Beaufort Bypass Environment Effects Statement.

Terms of reference

Completed report

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More information

To find out more about the Beaufort Bypass Project
Regional Roads Victoria
133 778

For more information about the Beaufort Bypass EES process
Impact Assessment Unit
(03) 8392 5475

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Deaf, hearing or speech impaired? Please contact the National Relay Service on 133 677 or www.relayservice.gov.au

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